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Cloud Insights

Manage cloud resources to reduce spend and minimize risk. Gain visibility into total cloud consumption across SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS—all in one place.

Benefits of Cloud Insights

Consolidate IT and cloud management

Workflow the tasks that control cloud costs with system-driven savings recommendations.

Reduce cloud costs

Gain complete visibility into your total public cloud spend and take steps to prevent cloud waste.

Automate and streamline

Reduce manual processes by automating cloud tasks—all the way from provisioning to retirement.

Features of Cloud Insights

Tracking hybrid cloud spend and cloud resource use

Cloud spend dashboard

Track hybrid cloud spending in one place, including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, and cut cloud costs. 

Analyzing cloud spend and optimizing automatically

Cloud spend analytics

Generate cloud spend, trend, and forecast reports and adjust to improve spending—automatically.

Monitoring and rightsizing resource usage levels

Rightsizing resources

Monitor and analyze resource provisioning and usage levels, and adjust sizes to reduce waste.

Ensuring cloud resources only run during business hours

Business hours

Identify, report, and make changes to resources that are running when they should be powered off.

Additional Features

Unassigned resources

Identify and assign resources appropriately to maintain cloud governance throughout the lifecycle.

Unused machine analysis

Analyze usage data to identify and power-off or terminate resources that aren’t being used.

Insights ownership

Assign service accounts to a dedicated owner who can define jobs and policies, and view data. 

Cost tag categories

Normalize tags in your environment to classify cloud resources and simplify cloud cost reporting.

Bring your own license (BYOL)

Mitigate software license compliance risk and lower costs across your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Reservation plans

Receive guidance and recommendations to drive down costs and utilization of reserved instances.

Cloud budgeting

Monitor and create flexible budgets, and accurately forecast cloud spending.

Cloud Insights is available with Software Asset Management

How to get Cloud Insights

Cloud Insights is available with Software Asset Management. Take control of software license management across the enterprise.

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